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Mountain Voras - Kaimaktsalan

Elati-pella Guesthouse | Mountain Voras - Kaimaktsalan

The Boras is the third highest mountain in Greece (2524 m) The top (Kaimaktsalan) whose name is Turkish, gives exactly the phenomenon of high snowfall, the quantity and quality of snow it receives the mountain snow remains on least five months a year. In Turkish language means Kaymak slide and glide, and cream, cream and alan means site, area. The Kaimaktsalan therefore translates as a place for slides or a region covered with cream, cream. On the crest adorns the beautiful church of Prophet Elias and small ossuary-museum dedicated to the memory of thousands of Serb soldiers who were killed in the region during the First World War.

On top of Kaimaktsalan operating since 1995 the title Ski Center, with thousands of visitors - Winter enthusiasts spos. The Ski Centre is developed on the southeastern side of the mountain at an altitude of 2.050m. to 2.480m. (The highest in Greece). The distance from St. Athanasius is 16km. From the city of Edessa 45km. And from Thessaloniki 135km. The operation starts from November to April because it is the only ski center in Greece to receive such amount and duration of snow.

On the slopes of Vora found 14 tracks of various difficulty. In order to move them available for the ski lifts are circumvented

  • Chair-seat lift "SARANTOVRYSI 1"
  • Sliding seat lift "SARANTOVRYSI 2"
  • Sliding seat lift "Meterizi"
  • Sliding seat lift "CREAM"

The center also has equipment rental shop, two schools ski and snowboard, rent a snowmobile, luxury rooms, restaurant, cafe, bar, snowbar at an altitude of 2.069m and many possibilities of outdoor activities.

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